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  5. "We are at their wedding."

"We are at their wedding."

Translation:Vi er i bryllupet deres.

August 13, 2015


[deactivated user]

    how would you say we are in the wedding (as in part of the wedding party)?


    Same as above; "Vi er i bryllupet deres". If you want to emphasize it even more, you could say "Vi deltar i bryllupet deres." (We're attending their wedding.)


    Traditional norwegian weddings do not have bridesmaids/grooms men. There is «forlovere» that are quite close to maid of honor/bestmen. The only thing they do is sign the papers, and usually stand/sit with the couple during the ceremony. They can wear whatever they want during the wedding (within reasons), and usually plan the bachelor/-etts (utdrikkingslag)


    In some sentences "deres" stands before the noun. Why is it standing afterwards now?


    Why isn't 'vi er om deres bryllup' accepted??


    Because it's wrong. You can't use "om" in this sentence. *"We are about their wedding" would be the (also ungrammatical) English equivalent. "i" is the better choice :)


    Just an ancillary point.......

    "I'm about X." can mean "I am really excited about X." in American slang. It can also mean "I'm really serious about X."

    For example "I'm about my dough." = "I'm really serious about my money (earning money)."

    If one says "all about" rather than "about", it denotes even greater seriousness/excitement/passion/etc.. For instance, "I'm all about Game of Thrones!", "I am all about learning Norwegian!"


    can I use "på bryllupet" like in Swedish?


    As in "Vi er på bryllupet deres"? That sounds wrong to me.


    Too bad, at this time "på" is more natural to me in this context. Y U differ so much? :D Anyway, thanks for the info!


    Haha, it's the magic of languages! You're welcome:)


    Is ved bryllupet deres possible?


    Not if you want to keep the meaning of "we're attending their wedding." But it could work as a reply if you happened to be at a wedding venue (without attending) and someone asked where you were.


    why is "står" not accepted in exchange for "er" here?

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