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Shortest and Longest word with Å,Æ and Ø? Longest word in Norwegian?

Hello everyone,

Just out of curiosity, what is the shortest and longest word in the Norwegian dictionary which contains the letters Å,Æ and Ø?

Also, does anyone know what the longest word in Norwegian is?

Thank you for your replies:)

August 13, 2015



From the Linux "wnorwegian" wordlist.

Longest with å/æ/ø: arbeidsmarkedsopplæringskursets (32), markedsundersøkelsesvirksomhetens (34), informasjonsrådgivningsbedriftens (34). Longest with all three letters: bispedømmerådssekretærens (28).

Shortest with å/æ/ø: ær (?), år/få/gå/lå/nå/på, øl/øy. Shortest with all three letters (excluding place names like Sæbøvågen): sjåførlærer (14).

Longest: informasjonsformidlingsvirksomhetens (36).


Correct, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_eider

'Ærfugl' in Norwegian, the fugl part is often dropped, and it is often called 'æ-a' or 'e-a' - depends on the dialect.


This is a lot easier in Dialect -- in my region's dialect æ = jeg, å = også/og

æ e i trøndelag å = I am in Trøndelag also.


Words in Norwegian can be ridiculous long because of compound words. If you also include various chemical names that aren't often used, it gets out of hand really quickly.

The full chemical word for the protein Tryptophan synthetase for example, apparently has 1913 letters if you write down each amino acid after each other.

The longest word is apparently: Minoritetsladningsbærerdiffusjonskoeffisientmålingsapparatur according to some people, it has 60 letters. It is a measuring apparatus that measures the distance between particles in crystalline substances, apparently.

Others say it is: Fylkestrafikksikkerhetsutvalgssekretariatslederfunksjonene, with 58 letters that is the longest. Meaning something like: 'the county traffic security selection secretariat-leader functions' or something, I honestly don't know.

Longest single word: Onomatopoetikon at 15 letters.

I'd like to add two long words, that are actually used:

  • Høyesterettsjustitiarius (leader of the supreme court).
  • Menneskerettighetsdomstolene (the human rights courts).
  • Smile. Why? there's one whole mil* between the first and last letter!


I'm glad I don't measure the distance between particles in crystalline substances too often. How many tiles has the Norwegian scrabble edition btw? xD


Well, Å is easy, as the shortest word is 'Å' (meaning 'to'). 'Gå' also comes to mind (meaing to walk/go).

For Ø, there's 'Øl', meaning beer, which is pretty short. As short as 'Øy' (island).

Æ is more difficult. You have 'Bær' (berry/berries). The letter by itself can also mean 'I' in some dialects.

As for the longest word, do compound words count?


Let's see... Interjections (words like ahem, shh, phew) are probably the shortest! Æ : æ = "æ da, bæ da!" A mocking expression after winning a game, etc, said by the winning party of course. ;) Then we're up to three letters: æra = era. The longest I found was æresbevisning = an award or diploma.

Then there's Ø : øy = island or ør = dizzy, lightheaded. Longest by far: øverstkommanderende = person in charge, commander in chief.

And finally, Å with not less than three short ones : an interjection again, with å = "oh", the infinitive mark å = to (drive etc) and å = a smaller river. The longest was åndsfraværende = absent-minded, scatterbrained, distant.

I'm not sure what the longest word is, though. Google might know the answer? Or somebody else?

Enjoy :)


Strømsparingsinnstillinger Not the longest but long word used to describe "power saving settings" in TV and Computers

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