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"Діти читають книги, щоб знати щось."

Translation:Children read books in order to know something.

August 13, 2015



It should be possible to say "Children read books in order to learn something." "In order to know something" is not really correct in English. Maybe it's not a good sentence in Ukrainian, either.


I think the usage in Slavic languages is correct, even if the translation could be better. Знати is used in the sense of becoming acquainted with a subject, like connaître/conocer/cognoscere/kennen.

[deactivated user]

    Yes, know is a stative verb so it can't be used like this in English. I'd translate it as learn as well.


    in order can usually be omitted, as in this case. Even then, we're left with Children read books to know something. A small child might say that. Anyone else would say to learn something.

    If you must "guide" people to the right translation by using unnatural language, choose another sentence.

    [deactivated user]

      "the books" or "books" - what is the difference in this case?


      If you say "the books," it is implied that you know exactly which books the children are reading.

      I gave my children some interesting books. The children read THE books to know something.

      Without the definite article, the word "books" is more vague.


      I would have phrased this sentence as, "Діти читають книжки щоб бути розумні/мудрі." ("Children read books to be smart/ wise.")


      In the audio I can hear "щод" and not "щоб", is this how you pronounce this word?


      May I say here: "Children read books that to know something."


      No, that is not correct. You may also say ... in order to know something (для того, щоб знати


      " Діти читають книги, щоб знати щось"- зовсім не обов'язково пхати сюди конструкцію "in order to know smth..", яка не використовується в такому контексті, про це Вам і хочуть сказати наші іноземні друзі:)


      "that" is "що", but not "щоб"

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