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  5. "Nia fondaĵo bezonas monon."

"Nia fondaĵo bezonas monon."

Translation:Our foundation needs money.

August 13, 2015



Difference between 'fondo' and 'fondajxo'?


fondaĵo = foundation in the sense of "an institution financed by a donation or legacy to aid research, education, the arts, etc."

fondo = foundation in the sense of "the act of founding, setting up, establishing, etc."


Thank you! Could you give an example of these? I'm a little confused on the second one since the act of something sounds like a verb to me. Could 'fondo' be used when talking about the foundation of a house ('fondo de la domo') as well?


"The founding of this university took place in 1723" - "La fondo (or: la fondado) de tiu ĉi universitato estis en la jaro 1723".

It's the action seen as a noun. Basically saying that the university was founded in 1723.

The foundation of a house is "fundamento (de la domo)".

So "la Fundamento" (the basic documents describing authoritatively what Esperanto is) is basically the foundation of the language.


Awesome - thanks for providing! Make a lot more sense.


Can "fondaĵo" be used in the sense both of a charitable trust and a building foundation?


No; a building foundation is a fundamento.


Kiu fondaĵo? Nia Sinjorino de Eterna sedevigo?

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