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"Han körde fel sida av vägen."

Translation:He drove on the wrong side of the road.

August 13, 2015



street is marked wrong. Why?


Street and Road are actually defined differently in Swedish. Road is 'väg' and street is 'gata'.


Didn't know that. Thanks. How does a street look different from a road? is vag a different type of path than gata?


Väg is every road in general. Gata is a road in the town/village which is named after someone and has buildings near it


I did this just once since moving to Sweden.


how come no definite article is used here? it seems that some adjectives in a way contain the article,under the right context ( e.g. samma), is this true?


Yes, fel is an exception adjective that behaves like samma, i.e. the noun is always indefinite.


hjälpsam som vanligt, tack.


I wouldn't say they contain the definite article, but rather they only have an indefinite form, which is the same for plural and singular. Someone else probably can explain this better/knows more than me. In this context you would prefer the indefinite form anyway regardless of the adjective.

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