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Practice with Google Tranlate

I am learning Esperanto and wanted to practice reading texts translated in English and Esperanto and to do this easily. I was reading about Google Tranlate on Wikipedia and it mentioned that if you paste a url into Google Translate, it will provide a link to a version of the page translated into your language of choice.

I tried it out with Wikipedia articles and it's pretty awesome! Especially if you have each page in a seperate browser window and view them side by side! Try it out!!!


August 13, 2015

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I do not think it is a good idea to practice with Google Translate. Google Translate has a bunch of errors and it only translates words (or group of words) without looking to the grammar (it does not understand the accusative). I am afraid you will learn expressions that do not exist in Esperanto, or simply learn wrong words. (Often, one word in English can be translated into several words in Esperanto, depending of the precise actual sense.)

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