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Why are all(?) translation tasks from the target language to English?

I would like to improve my Italian by translating from English (my mother tongue) into Italian, but all of the articles available for translation seem to be in Italian.

Is there some place that English articles are available for translation into Italian? I think that intermediate and advanced learners would get a lot more out of this than translating into English.

January 1, 2013



My guess is that the translations are how DuoLingo makes its money, so they want them to be written by people that know the translated-into language natively. It's a lot easier to extract the meaning from a sentence than to write one that sounds natural.

It looks like they have an English-for-Italian-Speakers program in beta now. Maybe that's got what you need?


You're right, it is surprisingly difficult to write a sentence that sounds natural, even in your native tongue. Thanks for the pointer to the English-for-Italian-speakers program, I'll check it out.


There is another option available - you can use the option that says - I want to learn English (I speak Italian) - Voglio imparare inglese (io parlo italiano (Beta)) then you will get articles to translate into Italian from English.


They want quality translations, and if you translate INTO your native language you know whether a sentence 'makes sense' or 'sounds right.'

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