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  5. "My brother is not hungry."

"My brother is not hungry."

Translation:Мій брат не голодний.

August 13, 2015



I was taught that голодний means very seriously hungry (like starving), and in everyday situations you should say "Він не хоче їсти."


In my family we use both "хотіти їсти" and "бути голодним" without any differences in meaning. Oh, actually there can be one. "Хотіти їсти' may be rather psychological thing, while "бути голодним" means that you actually need some food. But it's so hard to distinguish between those two ;)


Thank you! Can I ask where in Ukraine you're from? I lived in Luts'k so I think my Ukrainian is very influenced by that.


I am from Kyiv and my family comes from Kyiv region

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