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Merci Beaucoup!

Thank you Duolingo and all the French team for your help! Thanks to you guys, I got an A1 grade in Honours French in my Leaving Certificate. I couldn't have got it without all your help and guidance. Thank you for making this site free and accessible to students like me. We're very grateful for it! Keep up all your hard work, and merci mille fois! :)

August 13, 2015



Wow what an amazing achievement! I wish that was me. That's now one of my goals in middle school.


What a "feel good" post! Félicitations, and best of luck for your future.


Merci Carolyn! :)


Congratulation. Nice to meet you, i just learn French :D


Bravo, je suis très contente de voir nos efforts récompensés !


How fluent did you become because of duolingo? I am doing my leaving cert this year.


Hi Conor : ) I became a lot better than I was. My oral went very well. I was able to speak very quickly and with few mistakes. I didn't have very good teachers for the 5 years, so it's really thanks to online French that I got the grade. I would also recommend Lingvist and Memrise as well. I used these three for the whole year and they really helped me. But you have to do it everyday for it to be effective. Best of luck to you : )

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