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Any other homeschool parents here?

I just created a duolingo "classroom" for my kids, two of whom (ages 8 and 6) have already been using duolingo for some time. Anyone else doing this? I have really enjoyed using duolingo myself, and I think it's a fun way to encourage language learning. I'm thinking about incorporating it more into our homeschool program, but haven't figured out how that will work yet. I'm curious what others may be doing.

August 13, 2015



That would be awesome! I myself am not a homeschooling mom quite yet, but being a homeschooler, I think that would be really great! :)


I'm a homeschooling mom and am trying to create my classroom now. My 13 year old has been using it for a while now and we really love it. Hoping to start my 7 year old on it soon. It works great for us and is free! We use Khan Academy for math. U heard of it?


This is awesome! We'd love to know about how homeschool parents are using Duolingo. Hopefully, it will help us create even more useful features for homeschoolers in the future! =]


We are homeschoolers!!! We just started with this, even though I have known about it since it started... Duolingo was created by a Guatemalan, like me! We live in Guatemala. How do you add students to your classroom?? I am on my computer, and my son is logged in a tablet.


I just looked at this program, and with all the issues my son is having with Rosetta Stone 2 to work consistently, I'm going to introduce this program to him. I am curious how it will be keep records for us (accountability). I really like what I see so far- especially the features for review. By the way, one of my homeschool graduates, now a college grad, engineer and married, sent this program to us (always learning...)!


I have several children, and we've really enjoyed Duolingo. I've decided to allow equal language play (sign language apps, Duolingo) and video game play. Similarly, I've decided to allow equal documentary and movie/show watching. They have tongue depressors with twenty minute increments for language, and thirty minute increments for viewing, and they put them in cups when used so they can keep the time more or less equal. Every day, we play a go fish, memory, or war game using words and phrases from the language programs. We also learn new Spanish songs, and add these words and phrases to our cards. Then they illustrate the song like a story, and we put it in Windows movie maker. They keep a computer entry making their own word and phrase bilingual dictionaries as they go, illustrated! With the games and projects, we're continually practicing and learning new words and phrases in a fun, relaxed fashion. With the equal screen time between learning and playing, they don't feel overwhelmed or pressured, and they choose how much time to commit.

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