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"I expect others to respect my children."

Translation:Jeg forventer at andre respekterer barna mine.

August 13, 2015



Kan også tolkes som "Jeg forventer andre å respektere barna mine "


No, that was not accepted for me. It should either be the above or at andre skal.... That was accepted for me.


What about: Jeg forventer av andre å respekterer barna mine?


Does anyone know why "respekterer" is used instead of the infinitive " å respektere"?


(It's been a while since you asked, but maybe someone else has come here with the same question) I think it's because it's not a continuation of the verb phrase starting with forventer but a separate clause: (av) andre [S] respekterer [V] barna mine [O]. As Geoffrey pointed out, "I expect that others respect my children" would be a more literal translation of the sentence.


Very helpful.


A more literal translation of this would be "I expect that others respect my children." Is that a common way to say this in Norwegian?


Why doesn't "barna mi" work?


Because "barn" is a neuter noun and "mi" is a singular feminine possessive. What you need here is plural: barna (definite plural form) mine (plural possessive - the same for all genders). The singular of this phrase would be "barnet mitt" ("my child").

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