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  5. "¡Llamen a la policía!"

"¡Llamen a la policía!"

Translation:Call the police!

October 23, 2013



Do I assume that it is llamen because the speaker is addressing more than one person?


Yes. "¡Ustedes llamen a la policía!"


Why is this subjunctive?


It's imperative not subjunctive


The imperative for 'llamar' is 'llama', though. Why isn't 'llama' used?


"llamen" is the third person plural form of the imperative (same as subjunctive) used when addressing more than one person http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-spanish-verb-llamar.html


Why the "a" in this sentence? Surely it is not the personal "a."


The obect of llamar almost always takes "a", even when not a person. Ejemplos:
Llamo al hotel.
Me gusta llamar a esta idea «socialismo creativo»
Debemos llamar a las cosas por su verdadero nombre.

One exception is the phrase: Llamar la atención (to draw attention )
Llamamos la atención hacia estos asuntos


When you call by phone or to someone, you should use "llamar a." Some people explain that that is a personal "a," even when you're calling a building (e.g., hotel, hospital, school, etc.) because you're not really calling the building, but you're calling the people in the building.

Other people say that it's to clarify that you are calling via phone as opposed to calling someone/something a name. For example, if you were writing that you called the police or the hospital and you didn't use the "a," there may be confusion. Did you call to the police or did you call them some name (like "the men in blue)? Did you call to the hospital or did you give it some name (like "the Children's Hospital")?

Hope that helps.


Yep, it's the personal 'a.'


I wrote: "You guys call the police!" in order to make it clear that "Ustedes" is understood. DL marked it wrong. I reported it.


That's probably too informal for duolingo. You can be either singular or plural. The "guys" isn't necessary.

I have a British friend who objects to "you guys" and has taken to calling everyone "you ladies." Her reasoning is that if "you guys" can be non-gender specific, then so can "you ladies."


Im typing in spanish but it keeps saying im typing in english. And wont move on unless i just do it wrong but then makes me do it again and we go through the same thing again.


That happened to me for a while also. I felt persecuted. LOL. I do my Spanish too late at night sometimes.


I know how you feel. Fellow night OWL student here.


Unfortunately, we in this forum can't help you with that. Technical glitches are beyond us.


I did not capitalize Call! ridiculous!!


I've been doing Duolingo for many years and have never had anything rejected due to a lack of capitalization. There may have been another problem.

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