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"Is there anyone here who speaks English?"

Translation:Is hier iemand die Engels spreekt?

3 years ago


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should "is hier iemand wie Engels spreekt" be accepted? not sure what the difference between 'wie' and 'die' is...

3 years ago

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No, that's not correct. "Wie" is only used as a relative pronoun if it refers to a person and if:

  • It follows a preposition: "Is hier iemand met wie ik Engels kan spreken?"
  • It has the function of an indirect object: "Ìs hier iemand wie ik mijn boterham kan geven"?

Both of those cases would be translated as "whom" in English. See here: http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=Pronouns.Rl01

So for relative pronouns referring to people: "wie" = whom "die" = who. For interrogative pronouns, we still have "wie" = who, of course. So you will have to ask yourself what role the word is playing in the sentence.

3 years ago


Thank you for the explanation. I was struggling with die/ wie

6 months ago