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  5. "Nós não temos copos!"

"Nós não temos copos!"

Translation:We do not have glasses!

October 23, 2013



Earlier they used the word "xicara" for cup and "copo" for glass." In real life are they interchaneable?


See what vivisaurus has to say here: http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/115966 and also a general discussion here: http://www.duolingo.com/#comment/73819


My highschool French teacher would call words like these "false friends". Seems like the meaning is obvious due to a similar word in English but it is not so. When I find these words I say to myself "o copo nao e meu amigo!". Helps you to remember. Works even better if you shout it aloud. :)


A cup of water? A cup of wine? Are you sure?


"We do not have glasses." is also accepted as correct. Disposable glasses made of paper or plastic are also called cups.


"We haven't any glasses." seems an acceptable translation to me.


How can Duolingo use "copo" for "cup" before and after it says I'm wrong if I do so?


Please refer to the link I gave above: (the comment that vivisaurus made) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/115966


Why isn't it 'de copos'? When is 'de' used in these kinds of contexts? Kind of confusing. Cause for some other sentences they used it.


The answer might be a bit frustrating, but it all depends on the verb. Some verbs require a preposition, whereas others don't. So we say "temos copos" and "precisamos de copos", because the verb "precisar" requires the preposition "de", but the verb "ter" doesn't.

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