"Feiceann siad an foirgneamh san India."

Translation:They see the building in India.

August 14, 2015

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The pronunciation of "an India" on Teanglann is interesting: the Ulster and Munster versions are almost identical to the English pronunciation--with a long initial "I" for Munster--while the Connacht pronunciation is much closer what I would expect given the spelling.

If we wanted to spell a word approximating the English pronunciation of "India" in Irish using the standard spelling, what would it look like? Índíghia?


In Irish primary school we would of said "sa h-ind" never heard the word "India" in Irish before


De Bhaldraithe's English Irish Dictionary was published in 1959, and it translates "India" as An India.

Dinneen's 1904 dictionary also has India as the Irish for "India".

I've never come across a h-prefix after sa.


Thank you for the comprehensive and timely answer, however that is how we learned it in Donegal Irish I never said it was correct at least now I know :)


I know its a long time ago but we learned san Ind

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