"Ingeniørene reparerer huset."

Translation:The engineers are repairing the house.

August 14, 2015

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Det er ikke ingiørenes jobb!


...som arkitektene feildesignet.


It might not be their job, but the engineers probably think they'd be great at it.


I'm an engineer, most of my friends are engineers, and most of us live in relatively old houses. So while I agree with all the commenters who say that it isn't an engineer's job to fix houses, we don't vanish into thin air on the weekends. In fact, almost every Saturday a group of us is repairing a house.


Is it just me or does the audio seem hard to understand here, there seems to be a "sh" sound where there shouldn't?


There also doesn't seem to be a "t" sound at the end of "huset" like duo says there should.


The "t" at the end of the definite article -et is not pronounced. At least in major dialects, including the Oslo dialect. Also, "g" and sometimes "j" is pronounced "sh" in words of foreign (latin?) origin, such as e.g. ingeniør, geni, journalist, giro, etc.


I found some other words written with g but pronounced with "sh", all seem to be coming from French: generell, arrangere, rangere, gelé


There a lot of engineers in my family and none of them do repairs. They make plans, using mathematical formula for others to build bigger projects than houses.

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