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  5. "Så dere støvet på hyllene?"

" dere støvet hyllene?"

Translation:Did you see the dust on the shelves?

August 14, 2015



Very odd stress placement on the word "støvet". The voice says it as if støvet was a verb (to dust, dusted).


Yep. The stress is off. It should be rising (in east norwegian)


Å tørke støv, tørket støv should be (to dust, dusted).


Where does the "all" come from?


I think Duolingo may have meant "y'all" = "you + all", which is a translation of dere. :)


What makes this past tense?


"Så" is the past tense of "å se", with the present tense being "ser".


I was surprised to hear the robot voice pronounce the 't' at the end of 'stovet' in the sentence. Clicking just the word alone, we hear a silent final t. And the next word, på, does not begin with a vowel, so neither does that explain the voicing of the t sound. Maybe just a speechbot error?


As far as I know, the final 't' in definite neuter nouns is never pronounced. I have never heard of it being pronounced when the next word starts with a vowel. Is that really a thing? But here I think it is definitely a speechbot error, in any case.

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