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"Do you have any kind of bowl?"

Translation:Ĉu vi havas ian bovlon?

August 14, 2015



Shouldn't "ia ajn" also be suitable here instead of "ian"?


"ian ajn" -- the "ajn" doesn't remove the need for an accusative ending. (And it doesn't itself have an accusative ending.)


Okay, I accept what you said about the accusative, but wouldn't "ian" mean "some kind" and "ian ajn" mean "any kind"?


Well, if you say a similar sentence in affirmative, would it be "He has some kind of bowl" or "He has any kind of bowl"? I'm not a native English speaker, but the second sentence seems odd to me. Anyway, I know ia means "some" and can really mean "any" in interrogative sentences, but you need ajn when it means "...at all".


I'm no expert, but I would say that, yes, "ian ajn" should be an acceptable answer. I found some examples:

  • According to Lernu.net: any kind of = ia ajn

  • According to ESPDIC: ia ajn = any kind of; ajn = any kind of/whatsoever/arbitrary; sen ajna = without the least/without any kind of


"Ajn" mean "ever" or "at all". Like "kiu ajn" - "whoever", "ia ajn" - "any kind at all".

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