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  5. "Це не мої ліки!"

"Це не мої ліки!"

Translation:This is not my medicine!

August 14, 2015



You are right - should be "these" as "ліки" in Ukrainian are plural. But still - "this" is better here than "it"


What's wrong with "These aren't my medicine!"?


"Medicine" is singular.


"Medicine" can be countable and uncountable. The answer with "These" should also be accepted.


In English, "medicine" is used for singular and plural. My guess is because you could have 1 pill in a bottle, 100 pills in a bottle, a tube of medicated lotion, or a bottle of cough syrup meant for however many doses -- it's all still "medicine". We don't use the word "medicines". However, we do use "medication" and "medications".

For example, a paramedic could ask: "Are you taking medication?" (Answer: "Yes.") Response: "What medications are you taking?" - to imply the user might have more than one type of medication for different things.

This is why I think the words "medication" and "medications" should be allowed in these exercises.

Thanks for considering!


Погана лікарня!!!


"Це не є моє лікарство!" grammatically is: "This is not my medicine!" (It is singular. 'Ліки' is definitely plural.)


"Лікарство" is definitely not a thing in Ukrainian. And "ліки" is uncountable


"This is not my medication" is not accepted. Is that because there is a different word for medication?


Today is June 21, 2020. I wrote this "1 year ago" and still don't see a response to explain this or my other comment. Could someone kindly let me know the answer to this?

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