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"Вони люблять слухати музику, однак вони не слухають поп-музику."

Translation:They like listening to music, however they do not listen to pop music.

August 14, 2015



Is it a normal to say in this sentence: "the music" and "the pop music"?


No, it would sound unnatural. You would only use "the" if you were saying something like "Do you like the music? (but only in reference to music that is currently playing, otherwise, as a general question, you would say "Do you like music?") or "Listen to the music!" (as more of a command and also in reference to music that is currently playing).


Thanks a lot :)


Вони...вони... Are pronouns repeated all the time like this in real Ukrainian? It's been stated that we're learning some "literary" form. It would be useful to know how far we are drifting from what real people say.


I think "but" can also be used for "однак" here in place of "however".

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