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Duolingo Licence number

When I went to add my Duolingo badge to my Linked In account it asked if it had a Licence number? I was just wondering if this is something I can find or is it not applicable here?

August 14, 2015


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If you go and "Edit" your post above, you will notice on the top left, just above your post, a green button, that says "Topic: French" Click on that and on the drop down menu - select "Troubleshooting"
Then "save" your discussion.

For another time, you can find the trouble shooting forum by going to the "Discussion" tab at the top of your screen.
On the top right of your screen you will see "Your Subscriptions".
The last selection in that menu is "Troubleshooting".

If you have a problem, it is probably wise to go there first, and search this forum, for if someone else has posted a similar problem previously, and that an answer has been given, or add your query to an appropriate existing discussion.

I have already done this for you in this case, by searching on "Licence number" and "Linked in". Note I also surrounded my request for this search - when I did my search with quotation marks "...." so that it only produced searches where the two words appear together. If you do not use the quotation marks - it produces a list of where each word appears separately (not what you want).
i.e. for "linked in" search with quotation marks, when I did it, produced a list of 29.
for : linked in : without quotation marks - produced a list of 144644.

I hope you find a resolution soon, Kind regards, roo.


Hi, could you move this to the Troubleshooting forum?


You should be able to add the fluency badge by skipping the step for the licence number.

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