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Estas praktikejo por auxdi esperanton?

Mia esperanto bonetas kiam mi legas gxin, sed kiam mi provas auxdi gxin per radio esperanta, gxi malbonas. Estas praktikejo kie mi povas prakiti mian esperanton ke ne estas duolingo? (La auxdio por duolingo bonas, sed tro rapidas por mi)

Se oni volas paroli kun mi kaj mia malbona esperanto, bonvolu fari gxin!

(Mi ne finis la arbon duolingan sed mi povis skribi tion cxi senvortare)

August 14, 2015



Esperanta Retradio is, according to me, the best place to train your listening, for beginners. They speak slowly, clearly, and they have transcript. You just have to listen, and if you do not understand, have a peek at the text!

There is also kern.punkto. I find them relatively easy to understand.

Oh, and check out Evildea youtube channel. The Esperanto videos have captions!

For other audio material in Esperanto, I suggest you to have a notebook with you. If you hear something you do not understand, pause and try to write it down. Check for the word or expression on Google/ESPDIC/Vortaro.net Learn the meaning. Add it to Anki if you want to be sure to remember it.

Be sure to listen to some Esperanto every day. 10m x 7 days is better than 2h x 1 day.


And here is Muzaiko speaking and music.

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