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When to use capitals for nouns in Esperanto?

I'm getting a bit confused & duolingo doesn't mark me wrong so I'm not quite sure when I need to use capitals. It seems that languages, months and days of the week don't need capitals. What about countries, cities or people (e.g. "the Germans")? Any other situations when you need to use capitals? Are there cases when it can go either way and it doesn't matter?

August 14, 2015



Jen kelkaj konsiletoj ĉe La tuta Esperanto (de Henrik Seppik):


I don't have an answer to your question (so I know that technically I shouldn't comment) but your profile pic is Cosima is this is totally absolutely awesome :DDDD


I'm not sure but you might want to get this right, you don't want to yell at motorists with a capital noun instead of a regular noun. :) Edit: in case you didn't know this is pointing at your really early on post about yelling at motorists in Esperanto.


Isn't yelling at other motorists ALWAYS DONE IN CAPITALS?

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