"Kiuj el vi volas partopreni la komitaton?"

Translation:Which of you want to participate in the committee?

August 14, 2015



Is it correct to say: "Kiuj el vi volas partopreni en la komitato?" ?

August 14, 2015


The way I read the PIV entry, it's absolutely fine. (Possibly even preferable - though the entry says "transitive or with en", all the active voice examples use en.)

August 14, 2015


Is this Esperanto sentence correct? It looks like it should read "en la komitato?"

December 18, 2015


PIV says that the verb can also take an event as a direct object, without a preposition... but most of the citations include "en" so I think that's probably the more common construction.

December 18, 2015


Would "kiuj de vi" work as well?

October 25, 2015


I don't think so, because el means out of (a group or series, things like that). So this is talking about out of a group

November 29, 2015


Why "el" instead of "da" or "de"? Doesn't el mean from? So this would be "Which from you want to participate the meeting?"

June 13, 2017


It can also mean "among". That's how it's used here.

May 9, 2018
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