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"Gitmek o kadar zor, kalmak sadece güzel."

Translation:Leaving is so difficult, staying is just beautiful.

August 14, 2015



The nuances of this sentence are so complex! To get this sentence exactly correct is more of memorizing the translation than learning the meaning of the words


All languages has some word-mix by its native speakers to imply some meanings. Non-native speakers will be shocked at first to hear that words use, but we will get used to it later on. Hopefully. :)


Why we using so. Please write turkish


'So' o kadar anlamına gelir. Bu bir kalıp.


What's the difference between 'o kadar' and 'bu kadar'? Could you also use 'bu kadar' here?




"O kadar" that much.

"Bu kadar" this much.

Aşkımız Buraya Kadar. "Our love has come this far."

Not meant to be a 100% accurate translation.

Thank you.


Not sure, but I think the difference is that 'o kadar' is more general, whereas 'bu kadar' is specifically 'this much' as in a specific quantity/degree.


This doesn't really sound natural in English. Not grammatically incorrect, but if someone said this to me I'd think I misheard, and ask them to repeat, and then what they mean by that.


I too find it strange. I think it's because of the word "just." I wonder how natural it sounds in Turkish.


Can you say 'to go' and 'to stay' instead of going and staying?


Yes...I will add that. Beware, you will come off sounding a bit poetic and dramatic if you say that in English :)


Can be "kadar" replaced with "ne"?


Why is it "o kadar"? Is it just a phrase?


Yep! It literally means "that amount" :)


Teşekkür ederim! Why can't it be replaced with "ne" in the meaning of "so"?


What a piffle sentence!!!!!


Besides "staying is just beautiful", could "kalmak sadece güzel" also mean "only staying is beautiful"? (Yes, I know, it's not great English, but please answer with respect to the difference in meaning between "x is just beautiful" and "only x is beautiful").


Just guessing, but to render "only staying is beautiful" one might put sadece in front of kalmak, on the principle that modifiers precede the word modified? Can someone confirm or correct please?


Thank you for your answer, this is quite plausible! I'll be waiting with you for some native to confirm or correct :-)


My mike don't works and you take it as a mistake why???


"it is so difficult to go, just beautiful to stay" was incorrect. Gitmek is "to go" Kalmak is "to stay" How can the correct answer be "leaving" and "staying"?


This sounds right. I think it's a forgotten alternative that - because of the uniqueness of your translation - has never come up before, you can report it.

I think this sentence is from the gerund-section (I'm reviewing, so can't see where it's from). Gerund means that you can use the form verb stem + ing ('leaving'/'staying') as nouns. Is also correct here to use 'to leave' and 'to stay'.

When you use the full verb form (to leave/to stay), is implied that the action hasn't happened yet. Use of the gerund (leaving/staying) implies that it happened/is still happening.

Did you read the notes/tips on this section?


Does anyone else have problems with speach-to-text questions? For a week or so, every time I get one of these, it doesn't even wait for me to speak. Just marks everything as wrong, and then passes me to the next question


Someone has just broke up. ;) haha

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