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"Vous allez au café avec vos frères."

Translation:You are going to the café with your brothers.

January 1, 2013



Is there a possibility to hear the difference between singular and plural in this sentence?


Vos is plural which means that frères will be as well. Singular would be votre which sounds quite different.


"vous allez" can be singular or plural, you cannot know from the sentence only.

"vos frères" is the plural of "votre frère"


Can "vos frères" also imply "your siblings, of mixed genders"?

As in Spanish, when you say "hermanos", this could mean brothers (male only), or siblings (male and possibly female too)


No, there is no translation for siblings, other than "frère(s) et soeur(s)".

"Une fratrie" is a group of siblings (all brothers or a mix) but etymologically it is based on "brothers", so we may not use it if sisters are majority, even less if there is no male in the group (as far as I know "sororie" for all sisters does not exist either).


The pronunciation sounds like "vous frères" which of course does not make sense but it does not sound correct or ?


Context and careful listening will help. "Vous frères" doesn't really make any sense here. But you knew that. So a careful listen will tell you. Remember, too, that people do not always pronounce words with pristine exactness. Some people speak very clearly and other people slur their speech, especially when speaking rapidly.


I believe that you are going FOR coffee with your brothers would also be valid.


No, if it were about going to have coffee with brothers, the sentence would be : "vous allez prendre un café avec vos frères".


thanks that makes sense. I appreciate your help


Can it also be the imperative: Go to the cafe with your brothers?


I believe that the imperative would be "allez au cafe avec vos freres (without the "vous").


in France I go to the Bar-tabac


Why not allow the interrogatory?


Because this sentence is just a statement, not a question.


what about the pronunciation I don't quiet get it should I say "vous alleZ au cafe" or not?


you should hear 2 Z sounds: vous-Z-allez-Z-au café.


If the informal Tu was used would the sentence then read "Tu va café avec tes fréres ( with the correct accents of course)


Tu vas au café avec tes frères.


Why is to a coffee rejected? I'm pretty sure you don't "go to coffee"


Certainly one may "go to coffee" although it is a colloquial expression used to mean "to go on a coffee break". However, the expression "aller au café" does not mean "go to coffee", but "go to the café". In many regions, a "café" is more commonly understood as a kind of restaurant or "coffee shop" where you may get coffee, but it is most often for having breakfast or lunch.


Multiple choice error number 43. 'Freres' missed from the sentence but only 'frere' offered as a possible answer. There is no way to get this question right.


If you mean a multiple choice with 3 option sentences to choose from, there can be two correct options: "vous allez au café avec vos frères" or "tu vas au café avec tes frères".


Why is "You go to the café with your brothers" not acceptable?


It is an accepted translation. Did you report it during the exercise?

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