"Tá léine oráiste orm."

Translation:I have an orange shirt on.

August 14, 2015

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"I have on an orange shirt" why is that wrong?


I reported that this should be accepted, but if there's a reason that they're different I'd like to know, too.


I have now reported it twice as it's still not accepted.

Perhaps not enough people actually answer it that way for the powers that be to think it worth adding.


I answered the same way. It's probably because not enough people report it. <3


This accepts the crazy sentence "An orange shirt is on me".


"An orange shirt is on me" is about as literal a translation of tá léine oráiste orm as you can get.


That's very Hiberno English. People here would say that


"I have an orange shirt on me" was marked wrong. Is that because it sounds odd in English?


The "me" is a bit superfluous when you have an "I" at the start - "there is an orange shirt on me" would be a more literal translation that uses the "me" instead of the "I", though that sounds even more odd in English.


It is correct but this setup just seems to accept only certain answers


What's wrong with "I wear an orange shirt", and why is "I am wearing an orange shirt" acceptable? I thought the continuous aspect had an equivalent in Irish that's taught in another lesson?


tá léine oráiste orm is "there is an orange shirt on me"/"an orange shirt is on me" or, colloquially, "I have an orange shirt on". They all describe what is happening right now, and therefore they are equivalent to "I am wearing an orange shirt" (táim ag caitheamh léine oráiste), whereas "I wear an orange shirt" (caithim léine oráiste) is not describing what is happening right now ("I wear an orange shirt on Wednesdays").


Hiberno-english not accepted "on me" and also I thought oráiste was the fruit and flannbhuí was the colour


If I were having a conversation with someone I would be more likely to say "I have on an orange shirt". Not sure why that would be marked wrong.


I answered, "I have an orange shirt on," verbatim. It was rejected. What the heck.


If you think that Duolingo is malfunctioning by rejecting an answer that matches what it says is correct, please take a screenshot that demonstrates the problem, and submit a bug report with the screenshot and a detailed description of the version of Duolingo that you are using (iphone app, android app, website, the web browser you use, etc). The people that are in a position to fix bugs in Duolingo don't read Sentence Discussions.


I have an orange shirt on me -----Cén fáth go bhfuil sé mícheart ?


Is it really correct English to say "i have a shirt on"? Wouldn't you say "i wear a shirt "?


Yes, it really is correct English to say "I have a shirt on". Some people would even say "I have on a shirt".

The alternative is "I am wearing a shirt" (táim ag caitheamh léine) rather than the habitual "I wear a shirt" (caithim léone).


What part of the Irish sentence is "on"? To me I just see I have an orange shirt.


Nah wait I'm mixing up agam and orm.


I have a "sense" idea, but please explain why not "agam".


This is a late reply and I'm just a learner, but in case it helps someone: agam literally means "at me" and is what you would use if you just wanted to say "I have an orange shirt," literally, "An orange shirt is at me". Orm would indicate "on me" and is what you'd use to say, "I have an orange shirt on", literally "An orange shirt is on me." Please correct me if someone can explain it better.


I answered "I have an orange shirt on me", and it wasn't accepted? Why

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