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"There is a new version coming."

Translation:Det kommer en ny versjon.

August 14, 2015



Dropdown had 3 choices.....pa vei was not one???? A trick?? I asked duolingo about this!


What kind of exercise was this?


mark all correct translations:

There is a new version coming. 1. Det kommer en ny service. 2. Det kommer en ny versjon. 3. Det er et ny versjon på vei.

It looked to me as well like the third option would be a nice way to convey the same meaning as the second.


Ah, but 'et' would make it wrong, as 'versjon' is a masculine noun.

"Det er en ny versjon på vei" would be accepted.


Damn. You got me there. That was kind of sneaky, but well played.

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