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"Jeg har et stort kontor jobben."

Translation:I have a big office at work.

August 14, 2015



I completely agree with AronWarwick. It is a technically and grammatically correct sentence, but one you wouldn't ever use, since you would only have an office "at my job" or "at work." Americans only use "the job" when the job site changes frequently, but the person you are speaking with knows exactly which job you are referring to, as in "I have a big office at the job (this week)" with the words in parenthesis being implied and understood, but not stated.


Why is 'I have a bight office at the job' not correct? (I know it differs a bit from 'at work' or 'at my job' but still it doesn't seem too incorrect)


It is a technically correct sentence but it wouldn't be used anywhere to my knowledge. It's important to remember when an exactly literal translation doesn't make much sense. The only time I could see it being remotely plausible would be to an accountant or similar who is temporarily working for a company and that company has provided him with a big office for that time.


I would assume it's because you work at your workplace, no such thing as a job place, and office is essentially your workplace.


Bight office? That sounds like your office is loopy


What the hell, how come neither I nor anyone else noticed that before? Weird.. I meant 'big' ofcourse.


If you spelled it that way when you entered it that would be why it's wrong


Would make sense, I think I only typed it wrong in my comment though.


Once i wrote work and it corrected be job and now i wrote job and it corrected work.. interesting.


Og jeg heter FINN!!

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