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  5. "Чиє це сало?"

"Чиє це сало?"

Translation:Whose salo is this?

August 14, 2015



The word lard doesn't really capture the deliciousness that is Salo. There is an English word Salo, I've reported it.


Maybe there is an English word Salo, but I have never ever heard it ... at least allow lard as an alternative! It used to be, and I've now just got this wrong in revision because it isn't accepted now :(


"Lard" has been always accepted too.


Another interesting food that I have to taste one day.


My answer can be an alternative.


Whose salo is it? Not sure if I used salo or lard, but regardless, I maintain that "is it" or "is this" can be used interchangeably.


Right, in this case it can. Please use the "Report a problem" button to report missing translations. Especially if you are so sure about it being correct.


"salo" is definitely lard, it's the same (I believe) in most of the Slavic languages... so, the correct translation should be "whose lard is this", because an English word "salo" DOES NOT EXIST - at least I have never heard of it, though I have to admit that English is not my first language, but I've been using it for... let's say, around 35 years, so I think I would have heard about it if it existed...


Haha, you are right, but my discussion was not the word salo (which I more than likely translated as lard), but "is it" OR "is this".


ahahah sorry... i completely missed the point, being dragged with this obnoxious term "salo" which was offered as an English equivalent. As far as the issue is concerned... I would say - it goes both ways, but again... I'm a language lame person, so we do need an opinion of a professional. And then again, issues with living languages are quite often subject to some expert's vanity rather than what is or what isn't. However, I don't find it too important an issue, the most important is that we agreed on the salo -lard terms :-).


I believe that lard is rendered and salo isn't, so salo is more bacon fat.


It's like lard, but it's not rendered.


Really? Don't englishmen have any lard or something?

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