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Why is there no sound for this sentence? A set of possible answers.

  1. When sentences are first added (and we add new ones all the time), it can take a day or two for sound to be uploaded. This is much faster than would be the case if we had a human recording the sentences, but it is not instantaneous.

  2. There may be something up with the sound on your machine. Making sure the sound is turned on is always a helpful step.

  3. If worse comes to worse, check out Duolingo's support resources, since we can do nothing about it through reports. Head on over to the Duolingo support page (duolingo.com/help) and check out these steps:




August 15, 2015



Since you are adding new sentences all the time, does that mean you have begun work on version 2.0 of the tree?


No, unfortunately.

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4) You deactivated it because the pronunciation was off/wrong. :)

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