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Duolingo Classroom - big login problem

Hi I have just created a Duolingo classroom and sent a link to all of my students. Just tested the link and it directs to my personal account with access to all my personal lessons. Can anyone help please?

August 15, 2015


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Did you test the link whilst logged in to your own account?

If I am understanding your issue correctly, I wouldn't be surprised if when you are logged in it directs you to your own home page. When your students follow the link, logged into their own accounts, they should be directed to their own home page to confirm being added to your class.

I tried this with a secondary account and that seems to be what happens, although you can quickly create another account to test the adding/linking process out yourself if you are worried about it not working correctly.


Oh thank you for that. I did try login off but perhaps my computer does it automatically. Do the students have to register before they can join?

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I just tried this out for you, if they do not have an account the link you gave should lead them to a sign-up page that still has the link as the URL. After they've completed their registration from that page they get the prompt to allow you to track their progress.

As you said, it sounds like your computer may have your user/info saved to auto-login, you can try logging out and refreshing to see if it logs you back in or try the link from a different location, but as long as you are giving your students the correct link and they click "allow" when prompted to let your account monitor them, I think everything will be set up correctly.


Oh great. Thanks so much yor your help.


So, just to be clear, because I've got the same question as drrip, when I look at the link that is given to my prospective student, I see MY personal email within the link. When my student clicks on the link, their email will show up in the link instead of mine? If I'm misunderstanding this, should I create another school account? I Don't want to use a personal account for use with school stuff. thanks for your help on this, otherwise, I'm pretty excited about using Duolingo in class.

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When my student clicks on the link, their email will show up in the link instead of mine?

No, whatever email you created your account with will display in the link for them. The way the link is formatted shows which teacher account it is associated with (your email) and whatever you've named the classroom that they will be in.

Drrip's question was a little different in that I wasn't reading a concern with the knowledge of the email address, so much as that when you follow your own link you are directed to your own home page/account, versus what happens when students follow it (directed to create an account or login to their own home page/accounts).

If you've created your Duolingo account with your personal email, and you don't want your students to have that email address, then I would recommend what you have suggested, and create a secondary account with an email that you don't mind your students having.

I hope that helps, and that you have a wonderful school year. :)


I see Rattl already gave you a great response, so please let us know if you need more assistance. Happy teaching! =]


Thanks for the help everyone. I now have another problem and I can't start a new thread about it. My page has changed to Greek. I have tried clicking on almost every link to fix it but can't find the way to change back to English. When I log out everything is in English but as soon as I log in it's Greek. Any ideas Duolingo friends?

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