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  5. "Де моя сосиска?"

"Де моя сосиска?"

Translation:Where is my sausage?

August 15, 2015



why cannot I use the word 'sausage' istead of 'hotdog'?


I had the same question. But there's probably a closer translation for sausage. "Kolbasa" or some such.


hot dog - хот дог; sausage (soft, that goes inside a hot dog) - сосиска; salami (hard, that you usually slice) - ковбаса;

the confusing thing is that salami is technically a 'cured sausage' but it's hard, unlike the more common, soft sausages. So I'd recommend the above terms.


So in Ukrainian "Hot Dog" is the whole thing, bun and all, not just the meat? In the US a hot dog is the meat itself or the meat and the bread with fixings.


sausage is translated in the course as ковбаса


"Сосиска" it is only the part of hotdog. Show me the UA-EN dictionary where "сосиска" is translated as "hotdog". Yes, we can translate "sausage" as "ковбаса", but also as "сосиска".


I thought "hot dog" was "хот дог"? Or at least the street signs in Lviv, Striy, and other cities in the West said so . . .

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Yes, хот дог is widely used in Ukrainian now. Also "сосиска в тісті" (literally, "sausage in dough")


How about "wiener"?


As far as I know, сосиска and hotdog are not the same at all. At least, in Russian it is not the same thing. Cосиска can be translated as sausage, wiener or frankfurter.


Google Translate translated 'sausage' to 'ковбаса' & 'hot dog' to 'гаряча собака' & the Russified version 'xот дог'.... It should be 'ковбаска' or 'гот доґ'.


Google Translate is so stupid sometimes. In the case you mentioned, it thought "гаряча собака" meant a hot, as in warm canine. As in, "My dog was hot, so he was panting."


Isn't it a bit misleading for this course to teach this word to mean sausage, when in Food sausage was always ковбаса?

If a сосиска is to mean the type of thing you put in a hotdog bun, then in English it would be "wiener". If you're talking about the wiener and the bun together making the "hot dog", then that's what this answer should be.

Still, I don't know if it's wiener, or a hotdog. I do know that if it's sausage, we should have learned it in Food to mean sausage - that's if that's what it is.

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