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  5. "Five, six, seven"

"Five, six, seven"

Translation:П'ять, шість, сім

August 15, 2015



How do you type the apostrophe in "П'ять" on a Ukrainian keyboard?


If you're on Windows, use Ukrainian Enhanced Layout and it'll be on this key: "~" (to the left of "1")


With your help, I found it. Thanks! Have a Lingot! (It's strange that the main (non-enhanced) Ukrainian keyboard lacks apostrophes, but I've just remembered that I could also use ALT+39.)

Does "П'ять" have a different meaning without the apostrophe (like "we're" and "it's" in English"), or is "Пять" always wrong?


No, there are rules about where you should put an apostrophe, so пять is wrong (it's correct in Russian and means 5). There are a lot of such words that are almost identical in Russian and Ukrainian, but Ukrainian ones have an apostrophe: м’яч - мяч (ball), м’ята - мята (mint), черв’як - червяк (worm)

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