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"I am eating bread at the café."

Translation:Jeg spiser brød på kaféen.

August 15, 2015



Could use some clarification here, I'm being told that kaféen and kafeen are both fine. Is the accent always optional?


Accents are always optional, but they can be helpful to distinguish some homophones. 'kafé' doesn't have this problem, but for 'for', 'fór', 'fòr' and 'fôr' this is useful. Still, it's common to use the ´on 'kafé'.

A lot of people use the wrong accent and write 'kafè' or 'cafè', so it's not really too important to use the right one. If in doubt, it can always be omitted anyways.


Oh yes, I even got the wrong accent myself I see :-)

Tusen takk for the explanation, very useful!

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