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  5. "Er du kjent i denne byen?"

"Er du kjent i denne byen?"

Translation:Do you know your way around this city?

August 15, 2015



If this means 'know your way around/ familiar with' then how would you say 'are you known in this city' as in, 'do the people here know you/ are you known by a lot of people/ famous in this city'?


The sentence is ambiguous, but it will usually mean "do you know your way". You could always be more specific and say something like "Kjenner du denne byen godt?" and "Er du berømt i denne byen?"


It could also mean that.

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I gave that as an answer (are you known in this city) and it was correct.


Is it just a set phrase or I can always use "kjent i" instead of "kjent med" and vice versa when I want to say "familiar with"?


Different contexts will require different prepositions. You can be "kjent i" a city, "kjent på" an island, "kjent med" a concept, and so on...


Are "denne" and "dette" the same? Just one is masculine and the other feminine?


'Denne' and 'dette' both mean 'this', however denne is both masculine and feminine, and dette is neuter. Feminine nouns can be treated as masculine.

denne bilen - this car (masculine)
denne jakka - this jacket (feminine)
dette huset - this house (neuter)
disse bilene/jakkene/husene - these cars/jackets/houses (plural)

Remember also that when you use denne/dette, the noun must be in definite form.

en bil ... bilen - a car ... the car
en/ei jakke ... jakken/jakka - a jacket ... the jacket
et hus ... huset - a house ... the house

Hope this helped :)


Weird how this works the same in Dutch as in Norwegian. Meanwhile the literal equivalent in German apparently unambigiously means "Are you known in this city?"


Bist du der Kenner dieses Stadts


Just to prevent anyone to think this would be a valid sentence: it is not. At all.

It is not just grammatically wrong (e.g. "dieser Stadt") , but also no one would construct a sentence like this IRL. But nice try ;P

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