"Atatürk'ü tanıyor musun?"

Translation:Do you know Atatürk?

August 15, 2015

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Does this mean knowing him personally, or knowing about him?


This would be knowing him personally. "bilmek" would be used for knowing about him or about facts about him :)


Doesn't this make the question redundant?


it can mean both, but in this context its knowing about him


He is the Founder of the Republic of Turkey!


Why is the ü added at the end? Would it be grammatically correct without it ( as: Atatürk tanıyor musun?) ?


No it would be wrong. Atatürk'ü is accusative case of Atatürk. And we use -ü here, due to vowel harmony...


Referring to a person, why should accusative be used? Would that be the case with anyone? Or is it just because now Ataturk is the direct object of the question? I had thought Accusative was used to refer to "the" in things, and I thought there would only be one person. Therefore, there would not need to be referred as "the". Please correct me if I'm wrong on a general or specific case.


Yes Atatürk is the direct object of the question. Accusative case is used with anyone and used to refer to "the" in things ALSO. I hope this will help.


Only the first mention of Atatürk in this course, hmm...


Atatürk'ü bilmiyorum. Kim o?


Ataturk is credited for founding the Turkish Republic and was the first president of Turkey! More can be read about him here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustafa_Kemal_Atat%C3%BCrk


Türklerin atası.


Should you ever have the good fortune to visit Turkey you would get to know him quite well. There seem to be statues dedicated to him in every other street, in museums, in most hotels, in many private businesses and even in at least one rest stop food court where he stands above the diners as if to make sure that everyone is enjoying their meal. In the gift shop at his tomb in Ankara--far more impressive than Lenin's in Red Square--you can buy a number of jigsaw puzzles portraying him.


Do you know about Atatürk?


"Atatürk'ü tanıyor musun?" Translation: Do you know Atatürk?

ANZAC - day (25/04/1915)

Çanakkale Savaşı - Okudum öztürkçe acısını.

Yes I do & I have read many military history books on this campaign. A very sad & desperate time In Turkey's history before the Republic came into existence.

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