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Wrong answers even though typed correctly

Does anyone else get this bug? This problem appeared in the last few days. Even though I type the words perfectly, duo tells me it's all wrong as though I didn't type anything.

August 15, 2015



Hello. I don't get this. I have a few questions though.

  • Is this on one particular question, some questions, many questions, or all questions?
  • Does this happen while you are typing a particular language, or can it happen with both of them? If it is a particular language, are you typing in English or in Ukranian when it does happen?


Thank you for your reply and interest. It happens about 20% of the time, in listening and translation exercises obviously, only when I type Ukrainian. Here is an example. http://imgur.com/JyLls5R


What keyboard are you using? Your "o" look strange, smaller than other letters... Maybe that's the problem, the system may recognize these as different letters (:


Agreed. I'd definitely look into this "o" issue


Using a keyboard someone posted here in the boards, phonetic or something.


Given how fonts on Duolingo work, your o's are Latin while everything else is Cyrillic.

You (or someone else) need to fix that keyboard.



I believe my explanation is correct.

Up until very recently, Duolingo converted all Cyrillic to Latin server-side, so it didn't matter what you typed, in fact you could type wrong Cyrillic and still get your answer accepted. For example, you could type тсе instead of це and it was considered correct, since both were converted to tse. Your Cyrillic was converted to Latin, and since your o's were Latin already, they weren't changed and worked the same as Cyrillic o's.

It appears they fixed it though. Now the Latin and Cyrillic answers are checked separately. If you mix alphabets, then Duolingo will match the answer to either the correct Cyrillic answer, or its Latin trasnliteration. Since you mix alphabets, the answer matches none, and it's not accepted.


It wasn't a problem until recently. As you can see I managed to get to lvl 8 with the same keyboard. There has to be another explanation.

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