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  5. "Hvilken rolle vil du ha?"

"Hvilken rolle vil du ha?"

Translation:Which role do you want to have?

August 15, 2015



Why is "Which role will you have?" incorrect?


'vil' most often translates to 'want to', not 'will'. 'will' more often translates to 'skal' or 'kommer til å'.


"will you have" was accepted for me. I wish they wouldn't, actually, because I keep forgetting this.

Edit: No way to report "My answer shouldn't be accepted"!


We have to accept as many solutions as reasonable, not all of which would be natural. In some cases 'vil' does translate to 'will', and it's not always obvious when that is. However, the preferred solution will tell you which one you should've used.


The preferred solution doesn't seem to be doing it for me; I guess it doesn't impact the brain quite as forcefully as a big red X :-)


I thought "will" would more often translate to "skal". Do "skal" and "kommer til å" mean the same?


They're often interchangeable, but they slightly different in some contexts. 'is going to' is probably closer to 'kommer til å'.



Sorry for another of many questions, but could I say that "skal" is something more definite? Like for instance, I know that tomorrow I'm going to the cinema, so would it be more appropriate to say "I morgen skal jeg gå på kino"? . Also, in this case using "gå" here means that I'm going there by foot or going in general?


I think it could be in general, so you could drop it and say "I morgen skal jeg på kino.". I think you're right about 'skal' being a bit more definite.


Takk for hjelpen! :)


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