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"The serious turtle is getting off the purple train."

Translation:Ciddi kaplumbağa mor trenden iniyor.

August 15, 2015



If a Turkish word contains a double consonant, do we pronounce that consonant twice? In Farsi we have the word Ciddi and we pronounce it like "Cid + di" so the letter d is heard sort of lengthened if you get what I mean.


In careful speech, yes. In lazy daily speech, no :D


whaat? I think nobody would say "cidi" :) except for you :P


So the last part is translated "getting off OF the train"? It is necessary to use off together with of? Btw when holding the mouse cursor over trenden it says "off the train" but it should be "of the train" right or -den can mean both off and of?


In English, you can "get off something" or "get off of something" and they mean pretty much the same thing :) If you check the best answer, you will find that it does not include "of"


ne kadar saçma


I wonder about the words I never learned in my lessons...


How about teaching us sentences we can actually use in speech?

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