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Ukrainian in the Duolingo App

Are there any plans to integrate the Ukrainian tree into the app?

Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about it. Thanks.

August 15, 2015



Ukrainian is on my Android app today. :-)


It is there, but do you have a suggestion regarding which Ukrainian keyboard one should download? I'd love to continue the Ukrainian on my phone, but I do not yet have such a keyboard loaded.


Use standard Ukrainian keyboard that comes with Android OS, very easy to add.


Yes - that's what I use.

If anyone's having trouble finding it, the trail is something like:

Settings > Controls tab > Language and Input > Google Keyboard settings cogwheel > Languages > Ukrainian tick box.

A different device might have a different way of activating it, but hopefully that will point people in the right direction. :)


Thank you. The extended keyboard made this unnecessary for Danish, Turkish, Hungarian, etc., but now I can send texts in Russian, Ukrainian and Greek. Спасибо вам болшое (I can't remember how to say this in Ukrainian at the moment, but this is pretty close).


This keyboard on Android: українська (ukrayins'ka).


A lot of popular downloadable keyboards have Ukrainian as well (SwiftKey or Swype, for example)

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