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Course making and languages

Hello everyone,

I have a question for those who have ever somehow been into the process of course making or knows how it happens? I have applied to make a course, so i was wondering what and how it would happen if i actually got to do it? Would i do it from home? Would there be some special rules and so on?

And a little extra question, if you have applied to make a course, for what language have you applied?

August 15, 2015



I guess you mean the work of a contributor in the incubator. Yes, you do that from home whenever you have the time and mood for it. There is no real rule how much you have to work, but it is important to not let down your team-mates and to show up. There is nothing worse than a team-mate that appears only once in 6 months for 2 minutes and vanishes again xD. I guess the thumb-of-rule is at least one hour per week, though as a volunteer you do not have to follow this every single time.

If the team decides to accept you, you will get a mail where you have to confirm that you still wanna do that. Then you can enter the incubator and start working. Your teammates will guide you, so don't worry. Every team has different strategies how to work on their course. This depends on the phase the course is in right now, what the target language is, personal background with languages of the contributors etc.

There will be team internal rules, because consistancy is important in the exercises. I haven't experienced severe fights, but you have to be willing to discuss and live with compromises :)

I have applied at first for Spanish -> German course but liked it so much that I have joined the reverse direction, too.


Thanks! That basically answered my question. :)


I am curious to know what criteria they use to select the next course. I've been interested in German<-> Dutch since the incubator came live, but it is still not there. Meanwhile my niece is starting German classes and my son is already 1, I really would love this course to be out before he learns to write, as he will need both languages to talk to family.


I have no official statement (that's why this comment is a big MAYBE and doesn't have to be 100 percent true), but I have read some discussions in the past and it seems that there is really a huge bunch of criteria when it comes to choosing a new course. So, I personally feel like it is completely impossible to give anyone a good guess on what will be the next language :D.

To mention some criteria: It's technically harder to make a new interface. So, Duolingo seems to prefer to introduce new languages where they already have the interface from an already finished course. So, from this point of view there should be no problem to do a German - Dutch course.

Another thing is that they maybe need to have native speakers themselves in their administration. Programming all this, of course, also needs a general understanding on how these languages work because we tend to have very language specific problems in our courses that one can only solve when you speak a bit the language. Those chances aren't too bad neither I guess....

The most likely thing, from my point of view, could be that either 1) nobody has applied to be a moderator for that course 2) maybe there have applied people but they aren't bilingual enough to lead the incubator team as moderators 3) maybe the application was good but they did not transmit the feeling that they would be completely commited to this job. It's even more crucial for moderators not to disappear out of a sudden than for "casual" contributors. And you have to consider that there have to be at least 2 moderators. So, if one application was good, they would still need a second person.

The interest in a course is also crucial. I don't know how DL meassures the interest in a course, but they certainly have some ways. So, probably there are courses who have more interest now. That's why it takes other courses longer. Apparently, Duolingo cannot introduce every course at once xD. That would be a big mess.....

I also can imagine that they prefer to do reverse courses first. If there is a Dutch course for Enligsh speakers maybe, then they will most likely try to tackle English for Dutch speakers first, rather than introducing a new combination with Dutch. Although if I think about this one, it's probably rubbish because Dutch people already speak English :D.


I'm pretty sure Duolingo sends you an email or something to notify you. I'm planning to apply for the language, "Bangali". My culture originates from there.


Do you mean Bengali?


Yeah, I made a typo.

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