"Multaj profesoroj instruas en la universitato."

Translation:Many professors teach in the university.

August 16, 2015

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Instructs was not accepted for INSTRUAS


Should be "the professors instruct" not "the professors instructs." However, I find that "the professors instruct" isn't accepted either, so I'll report it.

However, "teach" is really a better choice here than "instruct." "Teach," includes all the things a teacher does -- grade papers, plan courses, research material for courses, as well as classroom and one-on-one instruction. "Instruct" (laŭ mi) means when the teacher works directly with the students to give them information. I'm a native English speaker from New England.


I think the right translation of "instruct" is "instrukcii" not "instrui"


To what extent universitato has anything to do with a participle? As far as I know, universiti is not a verb, ĉu ne?.


Okay normally i can very clearly hear the pronunciation from this guy, but here it sounds like 'unversitato'


Ankaŭ mi. Although I haven't tried listening to this one with headphones yet, but on my phone, the first 'i' is definitely missing.


Wait... Teacher and professor aren't homonyms?!


A homonym is a word that sounds the same but means something else. For example "boy" and "bouy" (at least in UK English - American English often pronounces "bouy" as "boo-ey"). I think that you meant synonyms.

In the UK, universities have professors and lecturers. Back in my university days neither group would claim to teach. They would lecture and expect you to teach yourself. So professors and lecturers were not teachers, but they might be now. Back in those days, very few of the professors even lectured, so it would definitely not be true to say that many professors taught in the university,

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