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Norwegian vocabulary and adjectives: help

So,i've been studying norwegian for about a month and a half. I've been able to master a great percentage of it (proportionally to my level of course) since i started learning but lately, i have been struggling with the norwegian adjectives. First, it was hard for me to get a grip on the adjectives' rules but after a while, i got better at it (still need some practice though!). The other dificulty i'm facing is the fact that lots of words (in this case,adjectives) in the norwegian language are very look alike and it's hard to differentiate them. I'll give you some examples: ''veldig'' (very), ''viktig'' (important), ''vanlige'' (ordinary), ''vennlig'' (friendly), ''farlig'' (dangerous) and the list goes on with a few others. After a while, i did learned a few of them (by writting them down on a piece of paper because it gets easier to memorize things when you write them down) , but i still find it hard to memorize the others and i feel like this keeps me from leveling up because i don't feel like i'm ready to learn other skills. Any tips? Thank you for your attention and sorry for the long post!

August 16, 2015



I'd be happy to give you some pointers on a few words!

"veldig'' (very) - This word sounds very similar to its English translation! Just replace the "r" with an "ld" and you're basically there. Veldig, veldig viktig! Very, very important!

''viktig'' (important) - Related to the German "wichtig," which means the same. It sounds like it may be related to the word "weighty," or "carrying weight," which means "being important," of course. We discussed a weighty topic. We discussed an important topic. We discussed a viktig topic.

''vanlig'' (ordinary) - As a memory trick, think of the word "vain," which equates to that which is superficial and without any substance, in other words, "nothing special." "Vanlig" means just that. It may be related to the word "vulgar," which comes from a Latin word "vulgatus," meaning "common, usual, of the people."

"vennlig'' (friendly) - The word "venn" means, and is related to, "friend." Therefore, vennlig is just venn + lig, just like friendly is friend + ly! Think of a Venn diagram. Each of the circles in a Venn diagram is a friend in a friendship. Together, they are venner! Hope that isn't too cheesy.

''farlig" (dangerous) - "Fare" means "danger," as is related to the German words "gefährlich" and "Gefahr." Think of a mysterious figure far off in the distance late at night. You want to stay far away from it because it might be farlig.

Let me know what other words you'd like help with! This is fun for me.


That's exactly how I remember Norwegian adjectives. I think Norwegian is slightly easier for those of us who speak English or German (or both) as so many Norwegian words are similar to their German and English counterparts. :)


Yep, it's pretty much the same logic for the rest of the languages belonging to the same family (latin,slavic,etc).


Yeah, that's the strategy i've been using and that's how i memorized ''veldig'' and ''viktig'' and some other words. Tusen takk for hjelp, det var veldig viktig ahah!


Bare hyggelig! Gi meg beskjed om du vil ha flere eksempler!


Ok,jeg vil gjore det,tusen takk!


It is usual to say: Ok, jeg SKAL gjøre det. It is a very usual mistake to hear from people who are German or American.


From what i've learned, i can use both ''vil'' and ''skal'' for future tense, even though ''vil'' is mainly used to express ''want to'' and ''skal'' to express ''will''. It may be unusual to use but it isn't totally wrong i guess, at least from want i've been learning. But thanks for the tip! (I'm not german nor american, i'm ukrainian actually. But i do tend to speak american english.)


I also have trouble remembering certain adjectives, such as you described.

I also wonder if anyone has any ways of remembering them - any mnemonics, etc. you are aware of? However, this is how I'm remembering the following right now:

Veldig - "vel" means well (connection to very)

Vennlig - sounds like friendly

Farlig - makes me think of fear (dangerous things are fearsome)


Yeah i also tend to memorize the adjectives using that strategy,even though in a different way. But when i can't use that strategy, i simple write the words down and try to memorize them this way. But it still not 100% efficient. Only with time and (more) practice,i guess!

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Hello! As a native Norwegian, but living abroad more than 60 years, I often used the dictionary http://www.dict.cc/ and looked at the EN-NO. In your case I can also recommend the spanish Version, or in your "mothertongue" (which-one?). Then: I never used a "grammar", and translated according to my feelings! Mostly I was right! Good luck!


I hope I did not come across as too patronizing earlier! That was not my intention. You do seem to pick up the language quickly. Good luck with mastering Norwegian.


I actually didn't even took it that way! I interpreted it as an advice.Thank you so much for the compliment! I've been studying norwegian for 2 months roughly. The language is simply beautiful! Looking forward to get fluent at it. Tusen takk for dine order! Good luck with the ''fransk'' and ''tisk'' too!

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