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"Jeg leser aviser med nettbrettet mitt."

Translation:I read newspapers with my tablet.

August 16, 2015



So nett obviously means 'net'. What does brett mean?


This is awesome. I wish we had a Sprachenrat in Germany inventing gems like "Netzbrett". The only people who unashamedly make up such neologisms here are (literal) Nazi language purists.


there are really creative and funny norwegian words. I very much like "minnepinne" for memory stick (literal translation as well as rhyme).


I agree with you. Nettbrett is a word that young people use as well as old people. I have never heard the word tablet used in Norway.


My children's friends, and their families use it. iPad is more common, though (as a generic term for a tablet computer).


What would a tablet from ancient times be?


Usually "en tavle" of some kind, you'll see compounds like "steintavle" and "leirtavle".

"Tavle" is also the Norwegian word for "blackboard".


Im so glad modern technology words are included in this! I just remember how outdated every textbook I ever had for french through almost 10 years of language classes. Even if the words are commonly just spoken in English I'm glad to see them =)


Would've thought tablet would just be tablet in Norwegian, is there also a Norwegian word for Phablet?


We end up with Norwegian alternatives because of Språkrådet, they have made it their mission to try to make us use more Norwegian words instead of English or other foreign words for hings.

So we get words like this one and many others. The thing is, that most of the younger population prefer to just use the English word, mostly because the recommended Norwegian words are often rather lame.

I remember they tried to make us write 'bacon' like 'beiken'...

Here's a long list of English words, with Norwegian suggestions, for both Bokmål and Nynorsk: http://www.sprakradet.no/sprakhjelp/Skriverad/Norsk-for-engelsk/Avloeysarord/


So... Basically Norway is the Germanic equivalent of France?


Thanks for the explanation and list, they sure don't do a half assed job, even Twitter is Norwegianefied. :D


They know how to be annoying, that's for sure : )

At least they don't force us to use their silly words.


I've heard both "mobilbrett" and "monstermobil."

[deactivated user]

    Well, the French have the similar strategy

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