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  5. "Дядько там, де тітка."

"Дядько там, де тітка."

Translation:The uncle is where the aunt is.

August 16, 2015



How would you say "The uncle is there, where is the aunt" is it not a translation only because there is no question mark at the end?


Duolingo is insensitive to punctuation. The problem with your sentence is that you used the inversion in the second close even though you shouldn't


True. I wrote: "Дядько там. Де тітка?" and was marked correct...


Your answer is correct. It's been reported


Actually the translation given by Duo is incorrect grammatically and has been reported. It is 100% wrong to say, in this context "where the aunt is". With the words given, the only correct answer is "The uncle is there, where is the aunt?"


the comma in the original statement makes it one statement, followed by a question, regardless of whether it used a question mark, because the comma splits it in 2.

if you want the suggested answer to make sense, the comma should be removed to read "дядько там де тітка"



There are two clauses: Дядько (є) там (main) and Де (є) тітка (subordinate). You always need a comma before and after a subordinate clause in Ukrainian


uncle is here, where is aunt? is more natural in english ?


Ok, this almost makes sense. I would probably word it as "The uncle is there. (He's in the same place) where the aunt is.


This is an unusual sentence for a native English speaker. It seems very ambiguous. Is this a common form in Ukrainian?


How this sentence should be been?


"Where an aunt is" instead of "where is aunt?"


Is the д pronounced kind of like an English j?


No, like an english d


I personally thought it was personalized like they were your uncle and aunt so I said "my uncle is where my aunt is" which I think should be fine


Why is the definite article used in this sentence. You would never say that in English. I would expect to hear my, your or our but not "the"


In English you wouldn't say THE uncle or THE aunt. My, your or our would normally be said.

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