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learning spanish for work

the place i work at has a lot of mexican workers that come to canada for about half the year, and most of them dont speak a lot of english, so i started using duo lingo so i could try to communicate with them better. im not too far along in my spanish yet, but its very cool being able to slowly understand some of the conversation going on around me at work. I knew no spanish whe i started learning, now i can begin to understand the topics of conversation in the break room, and im learning new words everyday, its so cool being able to practice my understanding of the language every day by listening to actual spanish conversations, and im excited to be able to talk to most of the people i work with easily. duo lingo has been very useful and i love learning spanish. Ive learned more spanish in the last month using duo lingo than i learned of french in 9 years of french class

August 16, 2015



That's awesome! :)


And once people know you can understand a little bit they will stop talking about you!


haha i dont think theyre talking about me, everyone there seems friendly so i doubt they talk about me too much


I'm a college professor in the Pacific Northwest and they want us to consider college-level classes in Spanish. But there are not many Spanish speakers in the faculty. In fact, in my discipline, it's only me. My Spanish is over 30 years old and Duolingo has certainly helped A TON. Still, the task is daunting.

I just glad I'm not using the old "Berlitz Method" I used in high school (!!) about a zillion years ago.


And it's even much more fun than French class ;)


Cool! Now you can get rid of that irritating felling of not understanding what is going on around you.


Buena suerte!


I'm in a similar situation with temporary workers that mostly speak Spanish, not English. As soon as you can recall words and sentences, use them at work! The people will love getting to talk to you, especially after the phase of "how are you?" and "that is red". If you are at level 10, I'm sure you're already past that. My coworkers over about a month figured out how to keep a conversation in the realm of words I understood well (mostly) so I could participate, of course only when they want to haha. But a lot of people on here wish they could be in a situation to practice speaking Spanish, so use the opportunity and don't be shy!


i try to speak spanish as much as i can at work so i can practice a lot, some people get so excited when i say the littlest spanish


emily262602: Wait til you get someone to laugh at a joke you tell in Spanish. Understanding a joke in Spanish or telling one has been the toughest thing for me. Still the jokes I hear usually I don't get every last part. When telling the jokes, you gotta know if they end up laughing because you didn't say something right or they are laughing because they actually did understand the joke as you told it in Spanish. Keep up the good work.

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