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Another great tool to use, with Duolingo, to learn a language.

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Someone posted the address to this site, a few days ago, on a discussion here:


It's a fantastic tool. This is a short video explaining how it works:


October 24, 2013



Thanks very much! Readlang creator here. Very happy to find Duolingo users enjoying the site. I'm always looking for feedback so please let me know if you have any suggestions for improving it!

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Welcome. I enjoy having a variety of resources to learn Spanish. I, also, consider DL and Readling as very different tools and, for me, they compliment one another. It's wonderful to have a choice. I remember that when I started learning Spanish (back in high school, in the Dark Ages, jajaja), we only had a text book. The internet didn't exist. It was a big thing when our school got a 'language lab' which was individual, divided desks with a microphone and a headset, that we could go to for 15 minutes, once a week, to listen to canned dialog and then repeat back to ourselves. Needless to say, it was NO fun at all and I didn't continue learning Spanish after that one semester. Learning a language is such a different experience now. I'm very grateful for sites like DL and Readling. Thanks, Steve, for creating Readling. (And...also to the hardworking DL staff).


It looks like a great resource you're building :)


I started using your page! It's so cool :) thank you


looks cool... will give it a whirl sometime!


Amazing -thanks for the links !!


Thanks for the tip.


This looks great! When does it become an app I can get on my Iphone?


When Duolingo offer to aquire it! Haha, only joking. Seriously though it's just me working on this for now so I don't have the resources to create a proper iOS app yet, as much as I'd love to. I'm focussing on improving the current web app for the time being. There's nothing stopping you from using it on Chrome or Safari on your iPhone right now, but you can't use it offline.


Good enough! I'm sure this will grow exponentially so you will have the resources in no time!


So far so good. I used it as a complement to improve reading skills in Portuguese . Will follow up in German. Best of luck


Thanks for linking to this. I've been using it today and I love it, an excellent idea. The google translations are, as expected, sometimes a bit inaccurate, but being able to instantly cross-check with Wordreference pretty much solves that problem. A stand-alone reader (something like Kindle for PC) would be great. Looking forward to seeing how the site develops.

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Welcome. I've been playing with it since I discovered it a few days ago. I love being able to upload videos from YouTube and sync the lyrics to them. It adds yet another tool to the resources available for learning a language. I was nervous about trying this, at first, because I don't know a lot about computers. But, it was seamless...I got it right the first time!!!

And, the ability to instantly have words that I click on made into flash cards (that can be exported to Anki) is great, too. This site has so much to offer. :)

Also, I've started to use the web reader that I can access from any page on the internet. It took less than 5 seconds to set up - all I had to do was drag the button to the menu bar - and I'm enjoying reading the foreign newspapers without having to copy and paste the unknown words into a web translator.



Sounds great! Just what I needed. Thanks a lot for sharing!


I prefer to use only one tool

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