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  5. "I cannot sleep in this bed."

"I cannot sleep in this bed."

Translation:Eu não consigo dormir nesta cama.

October 24, 2013



Can this also be translated as, "I may not sleep in this bed"? The difference between "poder" and "conseguir" is really baffling me.


I think "I may not sleep in this bed" would be better if the sentence used "posso", suggesting that you don't have perimission to sleep on that bed. What helped me with those two words was to picture "conseguir" as "manage" suggesting a context of "ability" like for example in this sentence, it means that whoever it is that's speaking, didn't manage to sleep on that particular bed. Just like if you couldn't manage to find your wallet you'd say "Eu não consegui encontrar a minha carteira"


That sounds like a good way to distinguish the two. Is it pretty much the difference between "may do something" and "can do something"?


In English, "can" is more flexible than in Portuguese. You can use it for both "posso" or "consigo".

"Conseguir" in Portuguese is strictly "be able to do/manage to do".

While "poder" has some flexibility, but it tends to "be allowed".

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