"A knife and a fork"

Translation:En kniv og en gaffel

August 16, 2015

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Is : "en kniv og ei gaffel" also correct?


No, "gaffel" can only be masculine.

While all feminine nouns have a masculine option, all masculine nouns do not have a feminine counterpart. You can use this dictionary to check the genders whenever you're in doubt. :)


Most English speakers would say "A knife and fork". Would that be "en kniv og gaffel" or is it always necessary to put in the indefinite article?


You'd use the indefinite article with both or none of them: en kniv og en gaffel - or - kniv og gaffel


How do you say "can i have a knife and fork"


You may say "Kan jeg få kniv og gaffel?" but the more polite version is "Kan du gi meg kniv og gaffel?" (Can you give me a knife and fork?) or the same with "en kniv og en gaffel". If you want to be really polite you can say: "Kan du være så snill og gi meg kniv og gaffel? " (Can you give me a knife and fork, please.)

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